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*** Gyrlfriendz Hair Studio***

● NO SHOW FEE ~ If you made an appointment and fail to show up / reschedule or

cancel within 24 hrs of the scheduled appointment time. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

The requ ired payment is due prior to your next salon visit. Fees are as follows:

● General Salon Se rvices- $25

● Partial Weave/Extension Se rvices- $50

● Multiple “No Shows” ~We reserve the right to charge a “No Sh ow fe e” of up to 50%

of the cost of the scheduled services. We also reserve th e right to require that the

client pay a deposit to book future appointments.

● ALL full Weave, E xtensions, require a non-refundable $50 & u p deposit, based on

actual service to secure your a p pointment. We typically reserve 2-3 hours slots and if you

do not show for whatever reason, we have lost that slot for the day. You have 48 hours

to cancel or reschedule your appointment without losing your initial deposit.

● As a courtesy to other clients who are on time for their scheduled appointments, if you are

15 minutes or more late withou t a phone call, you will need to reschedule your

appointment as well as pay the “No Show Fee”.

● If not satisfied with your service we will gladly resolve t he mat ter within 24hrs of the

service. For weaves/extensions s ervice s you have 48hrs to resolve your issue without an

additional fee.

● Our Salons Styling & S hampoo areas are CELL PHONE S FREE ZONES~ Please refrain

from cell phone conversations during services, and set cell phones on vibrate/quiet while

you are visiting the salon.

● For their safety, children un der th e age of 10 are NOT permitted in the salon unless they

are being serviced.

● G yrlfriendz Hair Studio does NOT accept personal checks. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

● No cash refunds…only salon credit (i.e. salon services and retail product)

● $10 minimum purchase on all debit/credit cards & additional $2.00 fee

● Prices are subject to change, please review current price list for updates.

● Due to hea lth and sanitary reasons… wig sales are final, No refunds.

● Gyrl friendz Hair Studio is NOT respo nsible for any Human Hair NOT purchased at our


● As a courtesy to our clients and due to limited seating, please limit your guests to no more

than one additional person.

● We strive to provide services to our clients in a relaxing peaceful atmosphere without

distractions and interruptions, as w ell as for insurance purposes. Please do not bring

infants/children with you during yo ur scheduled salon service. Your

understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!